Raffle Layout Plans

MCMR's Vice President, Wesley Phillips, has submitted the following layout ideas for our upcoming Expo Raffle.  Comments welcome!

10002 atlas 4x6 HO layout


10010 atlas 4x8 HO layout

10030 atlas 4x6 2 HO layout

N-503 atlas layout

N-503 atlas layout


Next are two more track layout plans in PDF format which  must be clicked on in order to be viewed.

Plan A    first_g-d_line

Plan B    rh0201-a

Finally, Wesley provided an excellent excerpt about how to build a quick and easy layout.  Here is the link:



  1. I would like to see two “ovals” with sidings on one both. Ovals could mean a figure eight for one
    Allows two trains to be running at the same time

  2. (Since we are all listed as Member, leave a name or initials unless you wish to be anonymous.)
    I especially like layout # 2 the best. With careful attention to the turnouts, two trains can operate. It has sidings and the makings of a small rail yard. It seems no more difficult to put together than any of the others.
    Bill F.

  3. I agree with Bill F. I vote for layout #2. It seems the best for the show also and will be more inviting for prospective ticket sales.
    Frank G.

  4. I agree that number 2 would be the most attractive to a beginner to this hobby.
    If the figure 8 is an over – under, the spurs could be routed inside a loop of the 8.
    4 and 5 are the same layout.
    Larry M.

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