Digitrax DCC now operational on N & HO layouts

This is the new DCC throttle, Digitrax UT6.  Works with direct,  infra red or duplex radio connection to your train automatically.  Selection is made by the system.

To operate, press the loco button on the top left and enter a decoder number, press loco button second time.  Set the toggle switch at the top left, center "off", left "reverse" or right "forward".  Turn the knob clock wise to increase speed.                                                                       https://www.digitrax.com/media/apps/products/throttles/ut6d/images/UT6-image_jpg_350x900_q85.jpg




Larry Hough

Larry Hough

BOD, member since 12/18, N scale operator and resident Digitrax installer. Looking forward to expansion and growth of club. PRR fan.

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