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LGB trains were first introduced in 1968 in Nuremberg, Germany.  They were manufactured by a company called Ernst Paul Lehmann Patentwerk.  The LGB initials stand for Lehmann Gross Bahn, that is, Lehmann Big Railroad.

This style of model train is referred to as G scale.  The ratio of size is 1:22.5 inches.  This is approximately 1/2 inch to the foot of an actual train.

Because these trains and the tracks they run on are highly durable, they can be used in outdoor settings, regardless of the inclemency of the weather.  As a matter of fact, modelers often attribute the word “garden” to the G in LGB because these trains are often set up in a backyard, garden setting.

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LBG Train 

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  1. G scale is up and running. Most of the current work being done is on structures, scenery and electronics. All members are invited to join in the fun and add their personal touch.

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