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Sadly, Martin County Model Railroaders lost our fellow member, John Penicnak this summer.  John, an enthusiastic model train man, was an effective and dedicated leader of our organization.  He provided direction and he he helped introduce some innovative ideas, not the least of which was the concept of raising funds by procuring sponsorships from area businesses.  John Penicnak, President of MCMR, will be missed.

John Penicnak 1939-2015 Photo

John P Cert












In the same month that MCMR suffered a setback from the loss of John, there has been continued progress in other areas of the organization.  Even though activity is slower at this time of year as some members escape to the north, a few members have been very busy.

While different members help at different times, some members like Larry Greenley and Bill Smet are often seen at the club.  The easiest way to report on these happenings is with photos.  Below are the latest pictures of G scale details.  Note the fellow fishing.

Next are the photos showing the incredible progress made on the West Side layout.  Note that Bill has had no time to go fishing.


G Gauge IMG_1692 G Gauge IMG_1691 G Gauge IMG_1686 G Gauge IMG_1683 G Gauge IMG_1682 G Gauge IMG_1658 G Gauge IMG_1657 G Gauge IMG_1656 G Gauge IMG_1655


West Side Construction July IMG_1809_1024 West Side Construction July IIMG_1808_1024 West Side Construction July IIMG_1806_1024 West Side Construction July IIMG_1805_1024 West Side Construction July IIMG_1804_1024 West Side Construction IMG_1690 West Side Construction IMG_1689 West Side Construction IMG_1688 West Side Construction IMG_1687a West Side Construction IMG_1678 West Side Construction IMG_1677 West Side Construction IMG_1675 tWest Side Construction July IMG_1807_1024

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Bill Flanagan

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