2015 Raffle Layout in Progress

Here are a couple of snapshots of the 2015 raffle layout after a few hours of work. There's still plenty of work to do and we encourage anyone to attend work sessions to learn how to build a layout. Think of it as practice for rebuilding the West side layout.  Pictured we see Mr. Larry McCarthy.  Photos by Wesley Phillips.

2015 Raffle Layout 22015 Raffle Layout 1

Bill Flanagan

Bill Flanagan

I maintain MCMR's website. I monitor MCMR's email. I enjoy computing, trains, drones and Colonial period fife and drum.

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  1. Let’s have a work session for the raffle layout soon. Larry is gone until after Thanksgiving and l have company through next week. Maybe we could get together Sat 11/22 or Tues 11/25. We need to glue the roadbed to the foam substrate on the outer track and install bridge abutments. We have to find, or order bridge abuts or else scratch build them. I bought some adhesive for the roadbed. Any interest? Dean

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