A Fun Operating Session

Last night, Wednesday, March 26th, a half dozen members got together for an enjoyable evening  to just run trains.  I was there along with Wesley Phillips, Bill Smet, DeanWriter, Bob Kelm and Larry McCarthy and we had a lot of fun.  

Wesley, who hosted the get-together, provided written train orders that challenged  engineers to travel to specific locations to pick up or drop off a variety of cars.  To be successful, one had to navigate numerous turnouts and crossovers to jockey the cars onto sidings.  Naturally, we all remembered to reset the turnouts so that there would be no subsequent derailments.  😉

It looks like we'll have another session on the last Wednesday of April.  If so, a notice will go out.  It just may become a monthly fixture that will eventually attract some new members.

Bill F.

Bill Flanagan

Bill Flanagan

I maintain MCMR's website. I monitor MCMR's email. I enjoy computing, trains, drones and Colonial period fife and drum.

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